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The Will to Live

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Will to Live

Fall 2012

There is nothing more human than getting sick. In a culture obsessed with independence and vitality, we don’t like to talk about it much, but facing down a serious illness can offer profound opportunities for transformation. In this issue, we’ll meet patients and caregivers who have faced the hardest questions—and found unexpected joy in the face of suffering.

Web Extra

“Homelessness is an experience little understood by any person who has never been homeless,” writes Meghan Rogushka ’12 in the opening paragraph of Down and Out: Stories from Grand Central Station, her cumulative work of a year of ethnographic observation and research in Grand Central Terminal. She continues: “The way one must navigate the world, the places one is ‘allowed’ to go, and how resources are acquired, are just a few of the challenges that must be considered by homeless people.” We profiled Meghan and her work in our Fall 2012 issue and now invite you to follow her on a tour of the iconic station, filmed by Trevor Wallace ’13.