Nicolaus Mills

BA, Harvard University. PhD, Brown University. Special interest in American studies. Author of Winning the Peace: The Marshall Plan and America’s Coming of Age as a Superpower, The Triumph of Meanness: America’s War Against Its Better Self, Their Last Battle: The Fight for the National World War II Memorial, Like a Holy Crusade: Mississippi 1964, The Crowd in American Literature, and American and English Fiction in the Nineteenth Century; editor of Getting Out: Historical Perspectives on Leaving Iraq, Debating Affirmative Action, Arguing Immigration, Culture in an Age of Money, Busing USA, The New Journalism, and The New Killing Fields; contributor to The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Newsday, The Nation, Yale Review, National Law Journal, and The Guardian; editorial board member, Dissent magazine. Recipient of fellowships from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, American Council of Learned Societies, and the Rockefeller Foundation. SLC, 1972–

Undergraduate discipline: Literature

Courses taught in Literature

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