SLCeeds at Sarah Lawrence College

Program Overview

The goal of SLCeeds, the Sarah Lawrence College entrepreneurship and innovation program, is to help students connect their studies and interests to work and service in the world. SLCeeds complements the creative and entrepreneurial nature of a Sarah Lawrence education by providing visionary and enterprising students with the skills and tools they need to turn their passion into a plan, an idea into a business, and a solution into an enterprise.

How it Works

SLCeeds produces programs for all undergraduate students interested in learning skills around innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise start ups. These programs throughout the year incorporate educational and interactive off-campus trips, guest lectures, mentoring, film screenings, etc. to offer a real-life, hands-on education in entrepreneurship. These events are offered year-round for all undergraduate students who want to explore the various angles of entrepreneurship and some are open to graduate students, staff, and faculty.

The invitation-only SLCeeds Track offers students access to a more intensive idea and business development process that runs through a given academic year. SLCeeds prepares teams of students who want to coalesce around business and/or social problems they are interested in solving to compete in an internal pitch competition. At “PitchFest,” teams of students present their ideas to a group of judges made up of faculty, alumni, and non-Sarah Lawrence experts from entrepreneurial and venture capital fields. Winning teams are enrolled in a year-long intensive, multifaceted program designed to help them gain the skills needed to turn their good idea into an enterprise. Finally, during FinalPitch, the capstone pitch competition, those students on the SLCeeds Track  pitch their polished presentation to judges who select a winning team to be sent to a professional pitch competition. Projects can be an extension of previous or current conference work or stem from individual interests, and be for-profit, not-for-profit, or socially conscious in nature. The SLCeeds Track is a noncredit program with a certificate of completion awarded at the conclusion of the program.

SLCeeds Track Details

The PitchFest format asks that students present a pitch that is three minutes in length to a panel of judges, followed by three minutes of Q&A. Selected teams embark on the exclusive SLCeeds Track, which includes access to the following:

  • Golden Seeds Investor Forum
    Students listen in on real-life entrepreneurs pitching to Golden Seeds, a leading early stage investor group, and are privy to the investors’ rationale on whether to invest, next steps, etc.
  • Golden Seeds Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
    A weekend-long program led by Golden Seeds using interactive modules to teach Sarah Lawrence College students about the many components of a business plan.
  • Deep Dives
    Three sessions are lead by industry leaders on the topics of Marketing/Positioning, Presentation Skills and Pitching, and Financials 101.

After participating in the SLCeeds Track, students are ready to participate in public pitch presentations, launch their venture, and/or be a valuable intrapreneur within any organization.


Get Involved!

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What Students Are Saying

“Entrepreneurship seems like a natural bridge between the Sarah Lawrence ideology and a career.”

“The SLCeeds program pushes SLC students to think beyond their ideas, and look to IMPLEMENT and ACT on their ideas. The principle behind SLCeeds is extremely important to the SLC pedagogy. I'm very happy for future SLC students to be able to experience this.”

“The Golden Seeds Boot Camp provides the business class component that is not currently offered at Sarah Lawrence.”

Photo Gallery

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Tracey G. Riese '79, member of the SLC Board of Directors, addresses students at the Idea Generation Workshop
Richard Harriman, a social innovation and strategy master at Synecticsworld, works with students at the Idea Generation Workshop
Students brainstorming at the Idea Generation Workshop
Richard Harriman, a social innovation and strategy master at Synecticsworld, works with students at the Idea Generation Workshop
Students brainstorming at the Idea Generation Workshop