Community Engagement Initiative

Current Project

Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) "makers" will utilize techniques taught by the Adaptive Design Association (ADA), Inc. to build adaptive pieces of equipment out of three-ply cardboard for children with special needs. The individually designed equipment accommodates each person’s unique health and social needs and helps one to adapt to and work in his/her surroundings. The office’s partnership seeks to advance what ADA terms "cardboard technology," and will raise awareness about the innovative use of cardboard for advancing its social justice mission.

In addition to the physical construction of objects, CEI also prepares students for developing an asset framework for approaching community challenges. Instead of focusing on the perceived limitations and deficiencies of a particular community, CEI focuses instead on building on existing assets in pursuit of a particular goal. The program tries to develop and support community solutions that come from a place of strength and not of weakness. This overarching framework guides the work of program participants.

A student paints a chair