SLC is recipient of state funds for capital improvements

Sarah Lawrence College is pleased to announce the receipt of nearly $.5 million from State of New York HECap (Higher Education Capital Matching Program) funds, allowing the completion of critical infrastructure improvements that would not otherwise have been possible. These include technology upgrades that have brought the College squarely into the 21st Century, dormitory renovations, and energy-saving retrofits.

"With private colleges enrolling an ever larger percentage of students with limited financial means, thus requiring that a growing percentage of our budgets be dedicated to financial aid, the importance of state support cannot be overstated," says Thomas Blum, vice president of administration. "Raising funds from both the private and public sectors is imperative in higher education today." The matching requirement for receiving HECap funds spurred a wide range of contributions to Sarah Lawrence and helped to diversify the College’s pool of donors.

The HECap program not only directly benefited Sarah Lawrence and many other colleges, but also created jobs for thousands of New Yorkers and highlighted the economic and educational vitality of New York’s private colleges and universities.