ARCHIVED: Norman Dello Joio, Former Music Faculty

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A popular and prolific composer, Norman Dello Joio, who wrote music for chorus, orchestra, ballet, solos, chamber groups, television, and opera, contributed to the foundation of a strong music program at Sarah Lawrence. An obituary in the reviews his long career.

On the music faculty from 1945–1951, Dello Joio staged his opera "The Triumph of Joan," about Joan of Arc, at Sarah Lawrence with a combination of student actors, dancers, and chorus. According to writer Gillian Gilman Culff '88, this collaborative effort would mark an extraordinary moment in the College's history, bringing together creative and performing arts as a course for credit in the dance, music, and theatre programs.

To learn more about Dello Joio's time at Sarah Lawrence, read a courtesy of the SLC Archives.