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The natural world has always been a place for inspiration, exploration, and adventure. Nature fascinates: it is other, and yet it is us. Now that we live urbane, tech-savvy lives and have the power to irrevocably alter the entire planet, our relationship to nature is more complex—and more vital—than ever. In this issue, we collect stories of alumnae/i in the great outdoors, assembling a picture of humanity’s connection to nature in the modern world.

Adventures in Treeland

Living with the LiberalsDavid Hollander MFA ’97 takes his young daughter into the wilds of Brooklyn's Prospect Park and discovers how much you can learn when you get your hands dirty.

The North Pole

How to Find Your VoiceIf a place has no distinguishing features and can't befound on a map, does it really exist? Scott Browning ’95 travels beyond the Arctic Circle with 96 other tourists, and almost loses his mind.

Critical Writing

Elizabeth Eslami '00Elizabeth Eslami ’00
Excerpt form Bone Worship, her debut novel.

Alumnae/i Nature Photos

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At Issue

Building Community at SLC
The Sarah Lawrence classroom is all about connections—between ideas, disciplines, and people. But what kinds of connections do students make outside the classroom?

In Person

Yechen Yao '11Meet Our Students
Yechen Yao ’11


Judy WuWatch talks from Judy Wu, Mark Schlesinger and Carl Safina

In Other News

Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters in the house. X-ray Specs. Free Rides. Sustainability Update.