The Heart of Music

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The Heart of Music

spring 2014

The song you listened to obsessively while getting over a breakup. The eerie background music in your favorite TV drama. The exuberant Afro-pop that makes you dance all night. How, exactly, do these songs work their magic? In this issue, performers, composers, and listeners explore the many ways we make meaning through music.

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Web Extra: Colors of Chords

Jules Belmont wearing headphones

To be a young artist is to perch on top of Masada in Israel, imagining the mass suicide of hundreds of Jews during an ancient Roman siege, and compose the ostinato of an unbirthed song in your head. To be a young artist is to close your eyes while playing Cuban music in a tiny bar in Brooklyn, while a tribe of people groove with their hips and shuffling feet. It’s to sit with young children at a local music store and teach their small hands to love the neck of a guitar—to summon out of them the knowledge you know they have, about rhythm, sound, and beauty. To be a young artist is to know profound gratitude when one doesn’t have to take undesirable jobs to enable the pursuit of art.

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