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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I was appalled by the spring issue of Sarah Lawrence magazine. Why weren’t there any letters to the editor?

Sarah Lawrence alumnae/i are plenty opinionated, so that can’t be the problem. Since they used to pound out voluminous conference papers twice a year, I suspect they still know how to write. Therefore I am forced to conclude that this magazine receives plenty of letters, but chooses to suppress them in a Stasi-like effort to silence the voices of the people.

This shall not stand! I call on alumnae/i everywhere to rise up against this oppression and flood Sarah Lawrence’s inbox with incisive commentary, nostalgic stories, praise, and the occasional rant! Rise up, fellow readers, and let our voices be heard (metaphorically, of course, since you can’t hear print)!


Susan Wallage Greg signature

Susan Wallace Greg
A Concerned Reader of Conscience

Letters to the Editor page

Yes, we’ve resorted to writing fake letters to the editor in order to entice you to air your own views. We’re hungry for letters about Sarah Lawrence or other topics relevant to the College.

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