On the Street with No Name

Half a world separates London and Hanoi, but the distance between them isn’t as great as one might think. While traveling abroad during his SLC years, Mike Itkoff ’04 photographed anonymous passers-by, composing a portrait of city dwellers East and West. We’re united by mass marketing and consumer culture, he found—but that’s not all. “There’s a similarity between us as people, how we carry ourselves, how we dress, how we plan the urban environment.” To emphasize that connection, Itkoff brought a piece of the traditional photo studio into the street, using a simple white square to unite the subjects while emphasizing their individuality. The photos are collected in Street Portraits (Charta 2009).

View Itkoff’s photos, including his current project on demolition derbies, at michaelitkoff.com. Itkoff and Taj Forer ’03 founded Daylight magazine, which showcases emerging photographers, while at SLC: daylightmagazine.org.

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man on street

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