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The Company We Keep

Whether we’re united by choice or circumstance, biology or belief, the communities we belong to affect who we are. Or is it the other way around? Join us as we delve into the mysterious dynamics between individuals and social groups, large and small. Because the most fascinating communities are made up of true individuals.

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution Members of Brown Girls Burlesque take on racism and sexism while taking off their clothes.

Nurturing (the) Environment

Dance Dance Revolution

Follow the 13 students living in SLC's sustainable house as they adjust to living with strict environmental guidelines ... and one another.


Dave Brody '08Dave Brody ‘08
“Take an iron. You can make a panini with that.”

On the Job

Anne Birnbaum Leepson '68Anne Birnbaum Leepson ’68
President and founder of Grayson Constructuon.

At Issue

Diversity at Sarah Lawrence
A vibrant, inclusive campus doesn’t happen by magic.

In Person

Caroline LieberCaroline Lieber
Director of the Graduate Program in Human Genetics

Kim Ferguson

Psychology faculty member Kim Ferguson dicscusses her orphanage research.

Leah Olson

Biology faculty member Leah Olson explains what fish brains, weight loss, and the maximum human lifespan have in common.


New York Times columnist Bob Herbert's lecture, "Wounded Colossus: The Threat to America as We've Known it."