The Cite Internationale Universitaire The Paris Program offers students housing in homestays with French families, which provide excellent exposure to language and culture. Full- year students may also reside at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, a unique international university residence located 15 minutes by metro from Reid Hall. Students are strongly recommended to choose from one of these Program-sponsored housing options.

A garden at the Cité Internationale UniversitaireIf they so wish, students may also choose to secure their own housing. The Paris Program will offer advice about finding apartments in Paris, but students who choose independent living arrangements are solely responsible for their housing and all related costs. Students must reserve their lodgings prior to departure for Paris.

Thoughts on the Paris Program

"At the beginning, it was really challenging, but afterwards, I really enjoyed the dinners, the conversations with my French family, and just spending quality time with them and learning about their culture."

–Maria Corona, Scripps College