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Student Life and Immersion

“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.”
–Albert Camus, French-Algerian novelist, dramatist and Nobel Laureate

Language exchange with French studentsThroughout your stay in Paris, your academic program will be complemented by cultural and social activities designed to give you a deeper understanding of life in France, introduce you to French students with whom you may share common interests, and provide a springboard for you to experience French culture meaningfully and independently. To enhance your linguistic and cultural immersion, you will pledge to speak French during all program activities and at the SLC Program center.

Luxembourg Gardens (Photo by Rebecca Shaykin, Oberlin College, SLC Paris '05) The Program’s headquarters are situated at Reid Hall, between the Luxembourg Gardens and the Montparnasse district, where many artists, writers and painters have lived and worked (Apollinaire, Beauvoir, Modigliani…). Nearby, you will find the Latin Quarter with its much admired Sorbonne and renowned jazz clubs.

In your free time, you may discover the flamboyant gothic architecture of the Tour Saint-Jacques, visit Balzac’s home, meet with contemporary artists in their workshops in Montmartre or Belleville, or attend a West African film festival in La Goutte d’Or. This daily contact with French culture and the people who make Paris so dynamic will be an essential part of your life in Paris.

Thoughts on the Paris Program

“Do something new every day. I promise there is no end to the wonderful discoveries to make about Paris.”

–Rebecca Malinick, Scripps College