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Intensive Programs in the Visual Arts

Print by Rebecca Waterhouse (Mills College, SLC Paris '09) Advanced students who wish to concentrate more than half of their coursework in the visual arts may apply to one of our intensive programs in drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking or sculpture.

A typical intensive program (8 credits per semester, for 15 to 20 class hours per week) consists of the following:

  1. One Academic Course (history, theory…)
  2. Two Art Courses
  3. Research Project
  4. Exhibit Attendance

Students in intensive programs also take one SLC seminar of their choice and a required French language course (see Sample Intensive Programs).

Intensive Programs in Graphic Design

MJM Graphic Design offers programs in video editing and 3D animation, enabling students to attain an autonomous and professional level of expertise.

Students in the editing program receive training in filming techniques (theory and practice), editing, special effects, general knowledge of the visual arts, exploration of cultural archetypes, 2D and 3D lighting techniques, etc.

3D animation students study the creation and animation of 3D images, based on the most advanced techniques, whether for animated cinema, special effects, television, or the creation of characters for video games: digital creation and animation, 2D, film analysis, modeling, texture and animation, etc.

MJM programs are full-year programs. In some cases, it is possible to study at MJM during the fall term only.

Sample Intensive Programs in the Visual Arts

Sample Intensive Program in Photography

Academic Course

History of Photography 

Art Courses

Black and White Photography
Digital Photography

Research Project

Paris and its Gargoyles


Photography Month, European Museum of Photography, Parisian Galleries

Sample Intensive Program in Printmaking

Academic Course

Eastern and Western Esthetics: Japanese Prints in the 19th Century

Art Courses


Research Project

Monet and Japanese Prints


Giverny, the Guimet and Marmottan Museums

Sample Intensive Program in Video Editing

Academic Course

Filming Technique : Theory and Practice

Art Courses

Video Editing
Special Effects

Research Project

Creation of a Music Video


Community Project

Application Process

All students applying to intensive programs in the visual arts must be approved by and receive initial guidance from the SLC Paris Program Director.

For further information, please e-mail Monique Middleton Paris Program Director.

Thoughts on the Paris Program

"I wanted to take fashion and costume classes. I also took nude drawing. I loved both classes—great preparation for my senior thesis project!"

–Allison Mandelkorn, Scripps College