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French Institutions

Paris IV (Sorbonne)Sarah Lawrence has partnerships with a number of French universities and institutions. All classes at these institutions are available to SLC students, provided that they have the required linguistic level and appropriate academic background.

Paris IVAt Paris 4, the former Sorbonne, students can choose from courses in art history and archeology, literature, philosophy, history and sociology. At Paris 7, a wide selection of courses is available in anthropology, cinema, geography, literature and sociology.

Paris VIIPolitical science courses (international relations and social sciences) are available at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP or Sciences Po). The Institut Catholique has very strong departments in economics, philosophy and religion.

Students who specialize in the social sciences and who wish to undertake intensive study in Paris may consider applying to one of our intensive programs in the social sciences.

All classes are conducted exclusively in French.

Examples of Courses Offered at French Institutions

The following provides a small selection of courses offered at French institutions. Actual course offerings vary from year to year. Students may consult a list of available courses during the orientation periods. All courses carry 4 credits per semester. They are accompanied by weekly hour-long conference sessions, generally on a one-to-one basis.




First Semester

Second Semester

Paris 4 Art History Archeology and Art History of the Ancient Middle East Painting in France, from David to Courbet
History Revolutions in Europe (1815-1914) Baroque Europe: Religion and Culture
Linguistics Linguistics World Languages
Literature French Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries Francophone Literature
Music and Musicology Evaluation of Musical Language History of Music
Philosophy Nothingness The Scientific Method
Paris 7 Arts History and Theory of the Visual Arts Text and Image: Writings on Art
Economics History of Economics Sociology of Labor
Film Hollywood and Italian Cinema Film Analysis: Wandering Figures
History France and Europe in the Modern Era World History: Sub-Saharan Africa
Literature Fantasy Writing Literature and Psychoanalysis
Theater History of Production Jazz and Theater
Institut Catholique Economics Analyzing the World Economy History of Economic Thought
Philosophy Introduction to the Philosophy of Knowledge French Phenomenology
Religion Introduction to Judaism An Ethnological Approach to African Religions
Institut d’Etudes Politiques Economics International Commerce and Globalization The Global Wine Market: French Companies in an Evolving World Market
European Studies History of Political Ideas New European Democracies: Towards a Common Political Model?
International Relations Introduction to the Contemporary Arab World: Ideas, Systems and Political Actors International Realities
Sociology French Prisons and Foreign Prisons Religion and Society

Thoughts on the Paris Program

"When I had presentations or exams to prepare for, my tutors [conference work professors] were incredibly helpful. I am not really sure if I could have completed all my work without them."

–Ethan Palmer, Brandeis University