Tutorials: Selected List

Below is a representative list of tutorials taken by past students on the Oxford program.


Introduction to Anthropological Theory
World Archaeology
Theories of Knowledge Production in Anthropology
The Anthropology of Child Development

Art History

History of Traditional Chinese Art
Renaissance Art
Exploring Visual Language in the Arts
Contemporary Art
African American Art and African Art
Study of British Modern & Contemporary Painting


History of Economic Thought
Economics of Developing Countries
International Political Economy
British Political Economy Post 1945
Global Economic Institutions
The Political Economy of the U.S. since the New Deal

Film History

French Cinema
Italian Cinema


Europe: Late Antiquity to Middle Ages
Islamic History 600-1100
Politics and Ideas in Renaissance Europe
Late Medieval England
Britain 1500-1640
Literature and Politics in Early Modern England
Early Modern Europe
Military History
U.S. Foreign Policy
Global History 1865-1914
Ninenteenth- and Twentieth-Century History of the Middle East
British Women’s History in the 19th and 20th Centuries
The History of Science:  A Survey
A History of Science Pt. I  Ancient and Medieval
History of Science Pt. II 1450-1750
History of Science Pt. III 1690-1920


Japanese Language
Modern Japanese


Tudor and Jacobean Literature
Shakespearean Tragedy
Gender in Shakespeare
Feminist Theory and Women’s Literature
The Victorian Novel
Nineteenth-Century Literature
Southern Gothic
Marxist & Feminist Classics
Modernist Literature
From Structuralism to Post-Structuralism
Twentieth-Century British Literature
World War II Literature
Post-Colonial Literature
Twentieth-Century Poetry  
International Post-Modernist Fiction


An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Analysis


Counterpoint and Analysis
The Rise of Opera
Opera in the Twentieth Century


Ancient Philosophy:  Plato
Hellenistic Philosophy
German Idealism
Responses to German Idealism
Heidegger and Sartre
Post -1968 French Philosophy
Philosophy of Science & Mind
Existential Philosophy & Literature
Political Philosophy

Politics and Policy

History of Modern Political Thought
Political Theory
Contemporary Political Philosophy
International Relations 1914-45
International Development History, Theory, Practice
European Integration
British Politics and Government since 1945
Political Economy of the U.S. in Historical Perspective
Law & Politics in the United States


Social and Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Research Methods and Decision Making


Organic Chemistry with Lab
Organic Chemistry


Studies in Development and Political Ecology
Social Psychology
Political Behaviour
Quantitative Methods in Comparative Politics
Social Network Analysis


Creative Writing:  Poetry
Creative Writing:  (Screenwriting)
Creative Writing
Creative Writing: The Graphic Novel
Modern British Poetry & Poetry Writing
Fiction Writing

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For a complete list of tutorials pursued by students on the Oxford Program over the last three years, download the Tutorials Archive (PDF document).