Graduate Studies

A Sarah Lawrence College graduate seminar.Master's-level programs at Sarah Lawrence offer an individualized, liberal arts education defined as much by its depth and rigor as by its emphasis on creativity. Here, students and faculty alike share a fascination with ideas and a passion for inquiry. Rather than emphasizing highly specialized, research-oriented doctoral study, the graduate programs facilitate individual student development and applied thinking within and between disciplines.

At the heart of the enterprise is intensive work with faculty members. Through small seminars and one-on-one conferences, faculty help students draw on their life experiences, explore their interests in depth and shape their own education.

The programs balance the theoretical (usually discussed in seminars and conferences) with the practical (in the form of fieldwork, practicums, research or creative work). This experiential work is most often conducted not in isolation, but in the midst of a community. Interdisciplinary work and ideas are encouraged, as is an ethic of social responsibility.

The graduate programs draw about 340 students with a range of personal experiences, ages, accomplishments and interests. They come from across the country and throughout the world, joining the 1,200 undergraduate students here to form a community of curious and imaginative scholars.


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Art of Teaching Program Receives Maximum Accreditation Term

We are proud to announce that the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation has granted TEAC (Teacher Education Accreditation Council) accreditation to the Art of Teaching graduate program for the maximum term of seven years. Read more»