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The Webisodics Project/Web Series Asylum

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During the fall semester, we will develop—through theatrical exercises, improvisations, character development, and “hands-on” collaboration with the screenwriting team—an ensemble cast. As the webisodics are developed, workshopped, and revised, the filmmakers will be shooting and editing the weekly staged readings as performed by the actors. The actors will further explore, investigate, and create three-dimensional, complex characters. We will review and discuss revisions and complexity of plot in class. Camera blocking and comprehension of camera movements will be taught. When principal photography is wrapped, the actors will further develop their craft by working with the screenwriters doing table reads and staged readings of original material. These workshop pieces will be shot, edited, and discussed in class to enhance the revision process. The outcome of this past year’s course is the Web series, “Socially Active,” which can be viewed online at: This class will be team-taught by Theatre instructor Douglas Mac Hugh and Filmmaking instructor Fred Strype. Class size is limited. Permission of the instructors is required. This class meets once a week for four hours.