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Media in Performance

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The class will focus on the intersection of dance with technologies that extend, frame, and augment human presence and interaction as a video/film and/or in performance. We will create a network of knowledge by watching and discussing the work of videographers and filmmakers, as well as our own work, in order to create an inclusive and rigorous environment in which students’ art-making practices and interests help shape the course. Students with all technological and artistic backgrounds and skill sets (even “none”) are encouraged to enroll to learn new skills and share existing ones. In this course, we will focus on the necessary skills of videography and video editing that are specific to dance performance by hands-on work with video cameras and in the programs Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and Photoshop, with an overview of After Effects, CueLab, and Isadora in our computer-based work. The course will culminate in a shared performance of work developed during the course. This can be a performance, either solo or as a collaborative effort with other participants, or a showing of a video project.