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2013-2014 Graduate Catalogue

Art of Teaching

M.S. Ed. in The Art of Teaching

Sarah Lawrence College's Art of Teaching graduate program leads to a Master of Science in Education degree and teacher certification in Early Childhood and Childhood (Elementary) Education. We believe that teaching is indeed an art, uniquely satisfying, always made and remade. The Art of Teaching is child centered and culturally sensitive, with observation at its core. Extensive observation and classroom teaching combine with academic discussions and course readings connecting theory with practice. Small seminar classes create an intimate environment that encourages the sharing of experiences and ideas. Our Childhood and Early Childhood certification program is committed to public education, particularly in urban areas, and graduates find teaching positions in a range of public and private schools.

Course work may be considered in three categories: courses connecting content and pedagogy; pedagogical courses; and practicums.

Child Development

M.A. in Child Development

Combining theoretical perspectives with practical fieldwork, the Child Development Program places the social, emotional, cognitive, and cultural lives of children at the forefront. Students engage in research throughout the program, reading and learning directly from such primary sources as journals, current research, and the writings of leading psychologists—not textbooks. From the beginning, students are immersed in child development theory, which they relate to their experiences with children, in small seminars and one-on-one conferences. Fieldwork opportunities abound, from therapeutic preschools to elementary or secondary schools to child-life programs on pediatric wards.


M.F.A. in Dance

The Sarah Lawrence College M.F.A. in Dance is based on the premise that the art of dance is an integration of body, mind, and spirit learned through creative, technical, and intellectual practices. Students are exposed to vital aspects of the art as performers, creators, and observers and are encouraged to study broadly, widen their definitions of dance and performance, and engage in explorations of form and function. The program combines seminars in reading, writing, and research; choreographic inquiry; and a daily physical practice chosen from contemporary dance, classical ballet, African dance, yoga, t’ai chi ch’uan, and studies in world dance. All students also study experiential anatomy, dance history, lighting design and stagecraft, and music for dancers.

Dance/Movement Therapy

M.S. in Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/movement therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual. Therapy is based on the empirically supported premise that the body and mind are interconnected and interact in health and illness. Body movement provides both a means of assessment and a mode of intervention for dance/movement therapists, working with individuals or with groups, in the treatment of developmental, medical, social, physical or psychological impairments.

Health Advocacy

M.A. in Health Advocacy

Sarah Lawrence established the first master's program in health advocacy and remains the premier academic program preparing graduates to play a significant role in shaping the future of this field. The program integrates analytical discussion of issues that face the nation's health care system with hands-on experiential fieldwork assignments. Through course work in a wide variety of subjects—including physiology, history, law, health policy, and ethics—students acquire a broad background to help keep them flexible as the profession evolves. The program balances seminar-based studies with on-site supervised training in three field placements, each successive placement solidifying the student's expertise in a chosen career path. Together the seminars and field placements ready students to influence health policy at the system level and to serve individuals in need of health care advising and advocacy. Nationally recognized guest lecturers further supplement the program's offerings.

Human Genetics

M.S. in Human Genetics

Home of the nation’s first—and still the largest—program in human genetics, Sarah Lawrence has trained more than half of the country’s genetic counselors. Characterized by innovation at the nexus of health, science, and society, this world-renowned program prepares students for careers educating not only patients, but also doctors, other health professionals, and the public at large. Students learn that the field of genetics now includes genetic disorders ranging from rare diseases to prevalent conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Each student is placed at a total of seven sites from a wealth of fieldwork options at nearly 50 centers in the New York City area. At the hub of international growth in the field, the College recruits top scientists to its faculty from the area’s genetic centers and brings leading researchers and speakers to campus weekly to discuss current topics. Each student also develops a community outreach project, targeting an audience to educate about a particular set of relevant genetic information.


M.F.A. in Theatre

Sarah Lawrence’s unusual interdisciplinary approach encourages each student to design an individual course of study, drawing from opportunities in acting, the Alexander Technique, directing, playwriting, puppetry, theatre history, design, and outreach. Together, these studies build a broad foundation in theatre and inform one another. As an extension of this philosophy, students are also permitted to enroll in classes in music and dance. Students are encouraged to develop original works and have access to several on-campus performance venues, including the entirely student-run DownStage Company. Sarah Lawrence’s graduate theatre students have found internships at theatres, casting and production offices, and other theatrical organizations across New York City, with a variety of posts and/or assistantships in areas such as design, marketing, directing, and casting.

Women's History

M.A. in Women's History

Sarah Lawrence’s Women’s History Program immerses students in a combination of historical studies, feminist theory, and gender studies. It also draws extensively upon resources in the social sciences and literature, and on a legacy of continuing activism both within and outside the College community. Students in the program find internship opportunities with such groups as the New York Historical Society, the Tenement Museum, and the Association for Union Democracy. Students also actively promote causes and agendas, including women’s equality and reproductive freedom; prison reform; lesbian, gay, and transgender issues; and HIV/AIDS education. Close interaction with faculty members helps students find direction, chart individual paths to the degree, and research and produce original theses.


M.F.A. in Writing

One of the oldest programs of its kind in the country, Sarah Lawrence’s nationally recognized Graduate Writing Program brings students into close mentoring relationships with active, successful writers. Students concentrate in fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry, developing a personal voice while honing their writing and critical abilities. The program seeks to enroll students who bring rich life experience to the writing process and fosters a stimulating community of writers who get to know one another in workshop discussions and remain connected throughout their lives. In addition to workshops, students benefit from one-on-one biweekly conferences with faculty. There are plenty of opportunities to read, hear, and share work on campus, including a monthly reading series, a festival that brings nationally known writers to campus, and an annual literary publication.