Sarah Wilcox

BA, Wesleyan University. MA, PhD, University of Pennsylvania. Areas of expertise include medical sociology, the sociology of science and knowledge, gender and sexuality, and the mass media; special interests in interactions among experts, laypersons, and social movements. Current project, entitled “Claiming Knowledge: Gay Communities, Science, and the Meaning of Genes,” explores how ideas about biology and sexuality have been produced, circulated, contested, and negotiated within and outside of science; recent articles in Critical Studies in Media Communication and the American Journal of Public Health. Recipient of GLAAD Center for the Study of Media & Society grant for research on coverage of the politics of sexuality in regional media. Taught at the University of Maine and Kent State University. SLC, 2005–

Courses taught in Sociology

Courses from previous years

  • Disabilities and Society
  • First-Year Studies: Understanding Mass Media: Theories and Methods of Sociological Analysis
  • Medical Technologies
  • Disabilities and Society
  • Health Policy/Health Activism
  • Queer Bodies: A Cultural History of Medical and Scientific Knowledge
  • Embodiment and Biological Knowledge: Public Engagement in Medicine and Science

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