Liz Rodgers

BFA, University of California-Santa Barbara. New York State licensed massage therapist. Trained in a variety of touch techniques including Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. Pilates trainer/movement educator in private practice in New York City and on staff of Bodywork in Westport, CT. Apprentice of Irene Dowd, assisting in anatomy, visual assessment, and dancers’ clinic classes. Adjunct professor of anatomy and kinesiology at Manhattanville College. Taught movement classes at Mary Anthony Dance Studio, New York City, and Dowd’s “Spirals” at Movement Research. Performed with Beverly Blossom, Mimi Garrard, Mary Anthony, Bertram Rose, and Sophie Maslow. SLC, 2007–

Undergraduate disciplines: Dance, Undergraduate Catalogue
Graduate program: MFA Dance Program

Courses taught in Dance

Courses taught in MFA Dance Program

  • Dance Training Conference

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