Kim Christensen

BA, Earlham College. PhD, University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Taught economics and women’s/gender studies (1985-2010) at SUNY-Purchase, where she  received several awards for her teaching: the four-time recipient of the Students’ Union Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Letters and Sciences, the first recipient of the President’s Award for Innovative Pedagogy, and, in 1992, the recipient of the state-wide SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished College Teaching. She has also taught economics, labor history, and public policy as a guest faculty member at Sarah Lawrence College. Dr. Christensen’s research focuses on the intersection of economics with public policy issues, with a particular emphasis on issues of race, gender, class, and labor; e.g., the experiences of low-income women in the AIDS crisis, the politics of welfare “reform,” the “gendered” nature of the current recession, and the impact of our campaign finance system on public policy. SLC, 2008–

Undergraduate discipline: Economics
Graduate program: Health Advocacy Program

Courses taught in Economics

Courses taught in Health Advocacy Program

  • Economics of Health - Graduate
  • Economics of Health

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Kim  Christensen

Kim Christensen