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Sarah Lawrence College's Summer in the City

Sunday, July 8-Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tuition: $2,800
Housing & Meal Plan: $1,800
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Open to students entering the 10th, 11th or 12th grade in the fall of 2012.

Using New York City as the backdrop, students will take three, one-week classes about the history and literature, architecture and film of New York. This exciting program gives you an opportunity to discover the city that eight million people call home while staying just 30 minutes away on the beautiful Sarah Lawrence College campus. Throughout the three weeks, travel into the City and its surrounding environs, visiting museums, neighborhoods, and landmarks that will give you a deeper understanding of the subjects you will study in literature, history, architecture, and theatre. Included in the tuition fee is the cost of admission into museums, tours, and parks.

History of New York
During the first week, students will study some of the major periods, developments, and influential personalities who have shaped the rich history of New York City. We will explore Dutch New Amsterdam, English New York, and the Americanization of the Big Apple; we will analyze the various waves of immigration to New York; and we will discuss major historical and cultural events such as the construction of Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge. Students will read articles on the history of New York throughout the week.

Architecture and Urban Planning can be a mirror of history, an expression of the aspirations of a city and its people. During this week, you will learn how to “read” architecture of New York City to unlock some of its historical and social meanings. We will follow the history of architecture in New York and the development of the city through time to understand something of the changing spaces and transforming values of the City of New York.

The course will include slide lectures and lecture walks, visiting architecture around the Sarah Lawrence Campus, as well as field trips to New York City to see and analyze the architecture of New York first hand.

Theatre of New York
Explore the New York City theater scene through the eyes of an actor. The students will work on monologues and scenes from the three productions that we will see On and Off Broadway. They will be chosen from three distinct styles; a classical piece (perhaps Shakespeare in the Park), experimental (the work of the Wooster Group or LaMaMa) and an off Broadway play by a new, young American playwright.

To create a strong ensemble and a sense of creative play, we will study improvisational skills throughout the week and attend an evening of improvisational comedy (Upright Citizens Brigade, The Pit, or Barrow Street Theatre). One of the afternoons will be spent in the Theater District discussing the history of New York theatre, watching a professional acting class, and sitting in on an audition for a play or musical. Students do not need any prior acting experience, simply the willingness to work with the material on their feet and allow their bodies to experience the language and techniques of a trained actor.

Field Trips
Field trips may include the following:

  • Ellis Island
  • Chinatown
  • Museum of the History of New York
  • The Tenement Museum
  • The Empire State Building
  • Walking tour of the village
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Ferry to Staten Island
  • The Highline
  • Times Square

Schedule (Mondays through Fridays)

8am – 9:30am  Breakfast
9:30am – 1:00pm  Field trips in and around New York City
1pm – 2:30pm   Return to campus /lunch
2:30pm – 4:0pm  Class on campus
5pm – 7pm   Dinner
7pm – 11pm   Optional organized recreational activities
11pm    Curfew

The Faculty

Jerrilynn D. Dodds (SLC 2009 - ) is Dean of the College of Sarah Lawrence College since September 2009. Dean Dodds holds a PhD from Harvard University and a BA from Barnard College. She is an architectural historian whose work has centered on issues of architecture and identity in pluralistic societies. She is the author of numerous books and articles focusing on how groups form identities through art and architecture. She has special interests not only in New York City, but also in the arts of Spain, Bosnia and those places in which Christians, Jews and Muslims interact. Dodds has also curated and co-curated numerous exhibitions on the subject of cultural interaction as seen through art and architecture, including exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum, The Jewish Museum, Storefront for Art and Architecture, and The Newark Museum. As a prize-winning filmmaker, Dean Dodds has written and directed films in conjunction with museum exhibitions and for wider audiences. She has served as a consultant for a range of art historical and preservation concerns, including The World Monuments Fund, The Aga Khan Trust and the Brookings Institute, among others, and is a regular lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Roland Dollinger (SLC 1989 - ) B.A., University of Augsburg, Germany. M.A., University of Pittsburgh. Ph.D., Princeton University. Special interest in twentieth-century German and Austrian literature; author of Totalität und Totalitarismus: Das Exilwerk Alfred Döblins and several essays and book reviews on nineteenth- and twentieth-century German literature; co-editor of Unus Mundus: Kosmos and Sympathie, Naturphilosophie, and Philosophia Naturalis.

Christine Farrell (SLC 1991 – ) BA, Marquette University. MFA, Columbia University. One-year Study Abroad—Oxford, England. Actress, playwright, director. Appeared for nine seasons as Pam Shrier, the ballistics detective on Law and Order. Acting credits include Saturday Night Live, One Life to Live; films: Ice Storm, Fatal Attraction; stage: Comedy of Errors, Uncle Vanya, Catholic School Girls, Division Street, The Dining Room. Two published plays: Mama Drama and The Once Attractive Woman. Directed in colleges as well as off-Broadway and was the artistic director and co-founder of the New York Team for TheaterSports. Performed in comedy improvisation throughout the world.

Rona Holub (SLC 2007 -  ) BA, The College of New Jersey. MA, Sarah Lawrence College. MA, PhD, Columbia University. Special interest in U.S. women’s, urban, 19-century social history, with particular emphasis on New York City, crime and capitalism, and growth of the bourgeois narrative. Contributor to Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia of Women in American History. Awarded Gerda Lerner Prize. Rona is the co-director of the Sarah Lawrence College Women’s History Graduate Program.

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