Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations

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The laws of the universe are written in the language of mathematics. Most of the quantities that we regularly study in physics, biology, economics, and a variety of other fields are not static. Indeed, many interesting phenomena (both natural and manmade) can be described and studied as functions or equations relating several changing quantities. Multivariable calculus is the branch of mathematics that explores the properties of functions of several variables; differential equations is the study of how these variables change over time and/or space. This seminar will explore the theory and applications of both of these important areas of mathematics. Aimed at students with a primary interest in the natural sciences, economics, or mathematics, this seminar is meant as a follow up to the traditional first-year study of calculus. Conference time will be allocated to clarifying course ideas and to the study of additional mathematical topics. Prerequisite: A yearlong study of Calculus