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Literature in Spanish: News from the Utopian Island: Cuban Literature of the Special Period

Advanced, Intermediate—Fall

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Cuba entered what many consider the worst crisis of its history. Without Soviet financial support, all of its economic indicators collapsed. The once mighty Cuban publishing industry was also affected, and publications within Cuba were reduced virtually to zero. One of the few positive aspects of this phenomenon was the great diffusion of Cuban literature since the mid-1990s. Many publishing houses from Spain and also Latin America began to publish works of Cuban authors, and many of the best Cuban writers are now regularly published abroad. This course will emphasize how this international projection introduced thematic diversity, along with enriching new approaches. The close reading and analysis of a range of texts since the ’90s will enable us to understand that what has happened was not a mere change of venue but, rather, a unique situation that has catalyzed the irruption of subjects never before discussed in modern and contemporary Cuban literature. This course is taught entirely in Spanish. Interested students are strongly advised to take the Spanish placement test online in addition to interviewing with the instructor.