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Intermediate Spanish III: Culture in the Information Age


This course is the continuation of the Intermediate III class taught in the fall semester. Language work will resume at exactly the same point where it was left at the end of the previous semester. Thematically, we will focus on the multiple uses of Spanish to be found in the virtual world, with a strong emphasis on exploring the blogosphere. We will identify and follow the most important blogs from Latin America and Spain. Literature will be one of our main concerns, but not the only one. All forms of culture will be incorporated into the course of study during our exploration of the virtual space. Art, film, music, photography, theatre, science, politics, comics, video games, gastronomy—all forms and manifestations of culture, high or low, will be the object of our attention, as long as their vehicle of expression is Spanish. Nothing will be excluded, with the exception of printed matter. The class will be encouraged to make use of all sorts of resources put at our disposal on the Internet. Along with blogs, newspapers published all over the Spanish-speking world will be continuously consulted. Work with the language assistants will be crucial, since part of the coursework will be monitored by them in close coordination with the instructor. The syllabus will be jointly created by all of us on a weekly basis. Students are expected to locate materials suitable to be integrated into the syllabus, which later will be exploited in class. There will be a short admission test in order to make sure that those wishing to register for this class have the adequate level. Permission of the instructor is required.