Lorca’s World: From Granada to New York: Literature in Translation


The artistic and intellectual works of Federico García Lorca are a key transatlantic source for problematizing 20th-century Spanish literary and cultural history.  Mostly known for his poems and plays, Lorca was also a painter, scriptwriter, musician, and “cultural outreach” educator. He was an electrifying figure, who created a lyrical world around his works and his very persona. Lorca spent his childhood and adult life moving between Granada and Spain’s capital of Madrid, an orbit punctured only by several travels to Latin America and a 10-month visit to New York City that turned into the critical basis for his book of poems, Poet in New York. This seminar will take the participant on a journey across Lorca’s life and works, making several passes across his poetic and dramatic masterpieces in order to better comprehend his singular crafting of a world made of color dreams, death, denouncement, love, and passion.