Advanced Beginning Spanish


This course is intended for students who have previously had some Spanish but have forgotten most of it. We will do a thorough review of basic grammatical, lexical, and syntactical concepts at a more accelerated pace than the regular Beginning Spanish class. In addition to the use of a textbook, Ivitaciones, which includes a video story, Escenas de la vida, and other online components, we will also make use of pair and small groups among other supplemental activities, including games, to enhance learning and speaking ability and to deepen a cultural understanding of Spain and Latin America. By the end of the first semester, students should be able to function in informal, transactional, and interpersonal situations; understand key ideas and add some supporting details; ask and answer questions; produce simple narrations and descriptions, as well as explanations; deal with a range of topics from the self to the immediate environment; and produce increasingly sophisticated paragraphs on a variety of topics. By the end of the second semester, students will also be able to read and understand simple journalistic essays, read short stories and one-act plays, and discuss them using basic concepts in Spanish.  Taught entirely in Spanish. Spanish placement test is required in addition to an interview with the instructor.