Advanced Beginning Spanish: ¿No me conoces?

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This course is designed for students who have had some Spanish but have forgotten most of it or never quite had a chance to consolidate the basics. Grounded in a thorough overview of essential grammatical, lexical, and syntactical structures, students will work with short texts, videos, and songs by a broad array of authors and artists from both Spain and Latin America, such as Jorge Luis Borges, Eduardo Galeano, Julio Cortázar, Elena Poniatowska, Carlos Fuentes, Lorca, and others. In addition to a basic textbook, we will often use journalistic texts, blogs, and online media to familiarize students with  Hispanic culture and current events and to develop communicative and reading strategies. The objective is to expose students to the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world on both sides of the Atlantic and, as much as possible, to “real” rather than “textbook” language. Much of the work in the class will focus on communication, while grammar exercises will be integrated with the texts being read as much as possible. Through role-play and guided group activities, students will gain increased language proficiency in Spanish. Weekly one-hour meetings in small groups with a language tutor are required, and students will have to attend some film screenings. We will also try to take advantage of some of the cultural opportunities in the New York City area, as available. This class is taught entirely in Spanish. It is strongly recommended that interested students take the Spanish Placement Test in addition to interviewing with the instructor.