Intermediate Italian: Modern Italian Prose

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This course will constitute an in-depth review of Italian grammar and an introduction to modern Italian literature and culture. For each aspect of the grammar, we will use a text—short stories, poems, songs, films, newspaper articles, plays, novels—that will serve as a focus for aspects of Italian culture, as well as elements of the language. Work on the Web is an integral part of the course for grammar exercises and research, as well as a source for audio, video, and film. Web activities will include topics such as planning a trip, writing a film review, creating a recipe, describing a sports event. Writing assignments will include critical analysis of literary texts, as they evolve from the weekly reading assignments of authors such as Calvino, Eco, Moravia, Pavese, Fo, and many others. Conference work will focus on an author, a genre, or a topic of particular interest to the student. All students attend conversation sections twice a week. Open to students with one year of college Italian or the equivalent.