Advanced German: Postwar German Literature and Film

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In this seminar, we will focus on postwar German literature from 1945 to the present. As we read poems, plays, prose fiction, and essays by writers such as Anonyma, Borchert, Böll, Celan, Dürrenmatt, Max Frisch, Peter Weiss, Bernhard Schlink, and others, we will give special attention to the problems of: (1) social and cultural problems in Germany right after the war, (2) how German writers have dealt with National Socialism and the Holocaust, (3) German reunification, and (4) German-Turkish issues. We will also watch films such as Mörder unter uns, one of the earliest movies in Germany after WWII; Deutschland, bleiche Mutter, a film about life in Germany during and after the World War II; Das Leben der Anderen, a film about the secret police in East Germany; Gegen die Wand, a movie that explores the lives of German-Turkish citizens in Germany and in Turkey; and Walk on Water, an Israeli-German production about the legacy of the Holocaust for young Israelis and Germans. This course consists of three equally important components: Students will have one seminar with Mr. Dollinger, who will discuss the class materials with students in German; one seminar with Ms. Mizelle, who will work with students collectively on various grammar and vocabulary issues; and one biweekly individual conference with Mr. Dollinger. This seminar is conducted entirely in German. Students must demonstrate advanced language skills during registration in order to be permitted into this class.