Writing, Radio, and Aurality

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In this course, we will explore what it means to write for radio and other aural contexts. The course will involve deep listening, critical analysis, and discussion of narrative texts. We’ll listen to a variety of works across radio’s history—from The Futurists to Glenn Gould to This American Life, particularly taking a close look at emerging radio projects and sound art organizations such as free103point9, Third Coast International Audio Festival, East Village Radio, and Megapolis. Students also will learn how to create a broadcast or installation piece that will be premiered at UnionDocs gallery in Brooklyn. The technical aspects involved in the course include microphone techniques, interviewing skills, digital editing, and podcast creation. Guest lecturers will include writers, hosts, producers, and installation artists, who will discuss their works and show their range of writing and experiences in the field. An end-of-semester field trip to WNYC New York Public Radio will be planned.