Poetry Workshop: Poetic Process

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In this reading and writing workshop, we will undertake three primary tasks: discuss close readings of poems and texts relevant to poetry and the creative process; find ways to generate new work of our own through exercises, models, and experiments; and, finally, workshop our own poems for revision purposes. Throughout this semester, we will explore the theme of poetic process, asking ourselves: How do we grow as artists? How can other arts and sciences inform our work? And what is the role of the unconscious in creativity and revision work? In-class readings will include a variety of contemporary poets (US and multicultural writers—Whitman, Neruda, Vallejo, Mort, etc.). This will be a class-community effort; rigorous and compassionate participation is required. There will be class readings. Conference work will be assigned individually, and a minimum of eight new (and revised) poems will be expected. Our classroom is reserved for risk taking, exploring, and mistake making. Please park preconceptions and egos outside.