Sculpture and the Meaning of Making


In this yearlong course, we will explore an expansive notion of sculpture and workto develop the critical and practical tools necessary to approach art making from variousdirections. As gallery and museum press releases declare works as “blurring theboundaries” between art and other disciplines (such as design, display, film, furniture,architecture, and theatre), students in this class are invited to investigate the practicesinvolved in those distinct worlds and to consider how they might be incorporated intovtheir own sculpture. Studio process will be emphasized so that students come awaywith a significant understanding of how things are made. We will learn about establishedsculptural materials and techniques, as well as those used in less traditional fabricationindustries. Fieldwork and hands-on experimentation will be critical to create a personalbody of work in dialogue with the contemporary art environment and the world at large.Beyond the making of objects, projects may include ephemeral and interdisciplinarypractices: actions and their documentation, collaborative work, living strategies,installation, etc. Students will be encouraged to consider the place and context of theirprojects and to ask questions about who they want to reach as working artists. Throughstudio demonstrations, individual projects, in-class presentations, related readings, andfield trips to galleries and studios, we will investigate issues surrounding the creation ofnew, relevant, and vital work. Each project will be discussed in a group critique with theaim of helping the artist express a vision in the most focused and dynamic way possible.Previous experience in sculpture is helpful but not necessary. 

Please bring images of any pertinent past work to the interview.