Artist Books

Sophomore and above, Small seminar—Fall

In the past, the book was used solely as a container of the written word. More recently, however, the book has emerged as a popular format for visual expression. Students will begin this course by learning to make historical book forms from various cultures (Coptic, codex, accordion, and Japanese-bound) so that they will be able to see the book with which we are familiar in a new and wider context. From there, students will apply newly learned techniques and skills, from computer-generated and manipulated imagery to the production of nontraditional artist books. The course will also cover all aspects of letterpress printing, including setting type, using the press, and making and printing with polymer plates. Whether text, images, or a combination of the two is employed, emphasis will be placed on the creation of books as visual objects. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have previously taken a visual arts course.