Working With Light and Shadows


This course will introduce students to the basics of cinematography and film production. In addition to covering camera operation, students will explore composition, visual style, and overall operation of lighting and grip equipment. Students will work together on scenes directed and produced in class and geared toward the training of set etiquette, production language, and workflow. Students will discuss work and give feedback that will be incorporated into the next round of projects. For conference work, students will be required to produce a short project on HD video (3-5 minutes in length), incorporating elements discussed throughout the semester. They will write the concept, outline the project, deliver the script, draw floor plans, create shot-lists, edit, and screen the final product for the class. This is an intensive, hands-on workshop that plunges the student into all aspects of film production. By the end of the course, students should feel confident enough to approach a film production project with enough experience to take on introductory positions with potential for growth.