Third Screen: Playable Media for Mobile Devices


This yearlong class will guide beginning developers through design and production for mobile tablets, including art games, interactive movies, experimental media, playable anime, electronic books, and smart slideshows. The year is divided into five sequences: Studio One: tech bootcamp, mini-projects and tutorials; Studio Two: interface design, narrative strategy, mechanics, interaction design, responsive environment, and early project prototyping; Studio Three: creation of media assets, plans for managing and persisting data, and early code builds or project alphas; Studio Four: final build (beta) and play testing; and Studio Five: creation of surrounding materials and the possible release of finished applications to the Google Play marketplace. Students will be required to attend two additional tech workshops early in September: Workshop One: Corona Engine and Android software development kit; Workshop Two: Box2d Physics Library. The best qualification for the class is a good idea for an interactive project; no programming or design experience is necessary. Kindle Fires and Nexus 7s will be provided for testing. The class will meet once a week for four hours. Permission of the instructor is required.