Script to Screen


This workshop will introduce students to the basics of filmmaking through HD video production. From the initial concept through editing, students will get a taste of all phases of production. Students will shoot exercises focusing on cinesthetic elements such as slow disclosure, parallel action, multiangularity, and the master shot discipline. Students will watch and analyze each other’s exercises, learning how to become active film viewers and give useful critical feedback. For their conference work, students will be required to produce a short film. They will write the screenplay, cast and direct actors, draw floorplans and shot-lists, edit the video on Final Cut Pro, and screen the final production for the class. This class is not a history or theory class but a practical hands-on workshop that puts theory into practice and immerses students in all aspects of filmmaking development, writing, directing, and production on through to a finished project.  This course will be offered again in spring 2014.