Experimental Animation: Hybrid Imaging


In this course, students will develop fluency in the knowledge of creative possibilities embedded in the marriage between hand animation and digital processes. Working exclusively in Adobe’s Photoshop® and After Effects® software, we will explore the production of animated films by integrating found photographic material, 2D puppetry, rotoscoping, and other digital markmaking with live media and sound. Students will produce a series of short animated works ranging in length from one to three minutes. Final projects will include animation for cinema, performance animation, and/or animation for installations. The goal this semester is to discover new ways to use the digital animation medium for idea-based applications. We will work on concept development, visual planning, and production pathways. Frequent discussions about your work and about the work of renowned artists will broaden the understanding and appreciation of experimental work and will expand each participant’s creative boundaries. Prior knowledge of digital production and editing software is not required. Two separate eight-person classes meet one time per week.