Drawing: Seeing in Reverse


Drawing is an endlessly exciting art form that encourages experimentation and embraces mistakes. It’s a reflection of how we think visually on paper. This will be a highly creative, rigorous course that will challenge you to think about the medium of drawing in new and transformative ways. In the fall semester, you will learn about tools and techniques of observational drawing and how to translate onto paper, with accuracy, what you see of the visible world. In the spring semester, we will make more open-ended, experimental, idea-based drawings. Our subjects will include the human figure, space, memory, portraiture, time, text, installation, collage, imagination, collaboration, color, and humor. Permeating all of this will be our investigation into ways of introducing content into your work: What will your drawings be about? Through varied, in-depth projects, you will gain a greater understanding of the techniques of drawing and will learn to combine ideas and mediums in personal, thought-provoking ways. Studio practice will be reinforced through discussion, written work, readings, slides, and museum visits. Visiting artists and studio visits with artists in New York City will be scheduled.