Animation Studio: Direct Techniques


Animation is the magic of giving life to objects and materials through motion. Whether through linear storytelling or conceptual drive, a sense of wonder is achieved with materials, movement, and transformation. Students will learn the fundamentals of making animated films in a hands-on workshop environment, where we are actively creating during every class meeting. The class will include instruction in a variety of stop-motion techniques, including cut-out animation, painting on glass, sequential drawing using pencil and paper or chalk boards, sand animation, and simple object animation. We will cover all aspects of progressive movement, especially the laying out of ideas through time and the development of convincing character and motion. The course will cover basic design techniques and considerations, including materials, execution, and color. We will also have a foundational study of the history of experimental animation through viewing the historical animated film work of artists from around the globe. During the semester, each student will complete five short animated films ranging in length from 30 seconds to one minute. Students are required to provide their own external hard drives and additional art materials. Labs will be used for technical training in Animate Pro®, iStop Motion® and digital editing software. Two separate, eight-person classes meet one time per week.