Advanced Projects In Directing

Intermediate, Advanced—Spring

The class is a production workshop in which advanced filmmaking students will prepare, direct, and edit a short film. At the start of the semester, each student must have a worthy, production-ready, short script in excellent shape to which they are committed and for which they have the wherewithal to mount and complete. In the course, concurrent with final revision of the screenplay, preproduction will immediately ensue; that will include budgeting, scheduling, location scouting, casting, selecting the creative team, and visual preparation. Naturally, shooting and editing the film will follow, ideally early enough in the semester to allow an opportunity to focus on editing, sound effects, music, and the details of postproduction. The aim is a completed festival-worthy short film. The minimum requirement to complete this class is a rough cut of the film. The screenplay and the student’s project overview will determine entry into the class.