Things and Beyond

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This course will explore the possibilities for creative production in an expanded practice of what is loosely defined as sculpture. We will consider different ways of thinking about art and different ways of thinking about ourselves, what we encounter in the world, and what we can imagine doing as a result of our encounters. We will explore concepts in critical theory that question the role of art, how it is produced, and in what kinds of spaces/sites cultural production can take place. Experimentation with the integration of digital media into sculptural practice will be supported. The course will include readings in which we will explore how texts can enable different kinds of situations to emerge in which art is produced. In doing so, students will be asked to suspend (but not give up) their ideas about what art is and how it should be made. Students will have access to a range of materials—such as cardboard, wood, metal, plaster, digital media, and mechanical systems—with technical support provided in the handling of these media. Experience in the visual, performative, industrial, and/or digital arts is helpful. For the interview, students are encouraged to bring images of work done in any medium.