Producing Independent Film, TV and Video: A Real World Guide II

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Small seminar, Open—Spring

Building on “Producing Independent Film, TV and Video – A Real-World Guide l,” students expand their knowledge of the role of the producer in the realm of filmmaking, television and video, especially as it relates to the ongoing creative process. Diving deeper into the real world application of the producer’s role, and applying knowledge and skills from Part l, course work includes case study presentations of US and international producers and their bodies of work, fine tuning individual pitching skills, sizzle reel and trailer analysis, script coverage, box office analysis, navigating the film festival maze, understanding the roles of agents, lawyers and managers, examining the distribution process and release strategies, field trips, industry guests, positioning yourself for real world opportunities, learning "people" skills, and in-class final presentations. Conference work ranges from in-depth case studies to producing other students’ projects. Upon completing the course, students will have a complete understanding of the producer's role from creative development to final delivery.