Physical Computing: Beginning With Interactive Electronics

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An electronics class for novices and intermediates alike, Physical Computing will teach us to use our hands and brains to better understand the function of the electronic world around us. This course will provide an introduction to the Arduino microcontroller, an open-source hardware/software platform. We will cover the basics of digital communication and interactive circuitry while learning about materials for electronics and basic electromechanisms. A background in coding is helpful but not required, as we will spend time going through programming basics. We will cover applied electronics and quickly jump into making interactive work. Through hacking and experimentation, we will uncover the physical mechanisms that allow people to communicate with electronics and for them to communicate back. Each week, we will work through the process of building and programming interactive circuitry, giving students a wide range of new media tools. We will learn about interactive circuitry from a child’s perspective, making the information that we cover intuitive, memorable, and ultimately useful.