Making the Independent Web Feature Film

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The course is a real-world, hands-on experience in independent film project development and production. We take the journey from screenplay draft preparation and breakdown, preproduction, casting, rehearsal, visualization and storyboarding, principal photography/production and editing/post-production process, on through to marketing to the independent film festival and web platforms. Students will explore all aspects of film development and production, while migrating to areas of specific interest. Students will gain a holistic perspective on the full spectrum of engagement endemic to the prism of independent filmmaking. In addition to working in all areas of project development and production, each student will breakdown a scene from the script, storyboard it, rehearse actors and co-direct a scene from the film with the professor. Working in teams, students will also help edit scenes for the film and prepare the film for exhibition. In addition to course credit, students will be conferred on-screen credit for their involvement in the project. Skills learned in the course can be utilized by the student in developing and preparing her/his own independent film projects. Advanced.