Industrial Design

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Open, Small seminar—Spring

There are many ways to define design. One way might be to say, that design is defined by opposites. On one side, design gives shape to things that are known. On the other side, design gives shape to ideas that are unknown.  Because design touches wide territories of human interaction, designing requires tools to visualize, form, and communicate ideas, so that the ephemeral can transform into application. Through individual projects, students will encounter various design challenges. Together they will explore the public and the private understandings of objects.  How objects relate to people, use, emotion, systems, culture, material, manufacturing, markets, and technology.  Students will become acquainted with, or further develop, the 2D and 3D representation necessary to communicate in design.  They will train their eyes and hands.  While gaining an understanding of visual communication, and how it relates to design stories. This course specifically, will introduce and utilize; drawing (pencil, pen, etc) and model making (paper, cardboard, foam, wood), Story telling and storyboarding, (drawing, photography, Adobe suite).