Hacked, Glitched and Emergent Systems

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This course investigates art inspired by error, noise, crash, and random processes. Paying special attention to the relevance that glitch and generative techniques have to new media, we will pursue the use of systems, simple rules, and random or semi-random events to create small hacks, glitches, games, and works of software art. We will also survey the work of contemporary noise & GLI.TC/H artists like Moradi, Satrom, Asendorf, Menckmen, and Briz. The goal is to build environments or to intervene in processes that the artist can set in motion or disrupt, giving these systems the means to continue, sometimes bizarrely, on their own. Any rule-based project or intervention is encouraged, especially small emergent games, machine hacks, software art, image and text glitching, recombinant video, and other generative media.  This class requires no hardware or programming background, though programmers, hex bashers, and circuit benders are welcome. Open.