Further Painting

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Advanced, Small seminar—Year

This class will focus on further developing the student’s work in drawing and painting from observation. We will begin by working from the model and from nature. Next, we will learn to see and translate architectural perspective into forms and space to serve as subject matter, as well as context. This class will be taught in acrylics, using pure water-dispersed pigments and a variety of acrylic binders. These materials will give the student an opportunity to experiment with a variety of painting processes, which then can be used to further develop the student's painting style and ideas. The structure of this course is divided between class work and individual conference work. There will be regular class critiques, slide presentations, and visits to galleries. In conference, each student will research an artist’s skill or a period in art history and give a presentation to the class. For conference painting, the students will be asked to work creatively and thoughtfully and to challenge themselves to take risks. The student is expected to work consistently in the painting studio outside of class time. This course is for the student who is able to independently generate and maintain a working momentum. Please bring to the interview documentation of prior work. This course is open to any student who has completed one college-level course in painting.